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How to improve --help message?


Currently balooctl's help looks like this:

$ balooctl  ---help

Usage: balooctl [options] command status enable disable start stop restart suspend resume check index clear config monitor indexSize list


  -d, --device-id <deviceId>  Restrict to device id.

                              Only applies to "balooctl list"

  -s, --simulate-purge        Simulate purge command.

                              Only applies to "balooctl list"

  -f, --format <format>       Output format <json|simple|multiline (default)>.

                              Only applies to "balooctl status <file>"

  -v, --version               Displays version information.

  -h, --help                  Displays this help.


  command                     The command to execute

  status                      Print the status of the indexer

  enable                      Enable the file indexer

  disable                     Disable the file indexer

  start                       Start the file indexer

  stop                        Stop the file indexer

  restart                     Restart the file indexer

  suspend                     Suspend the file indexer

  resume                      Resume the file indexer

  check                       Check for any unindexed files and index them

  index                       Index the specified files

  clear                       Forget the specified files

  config                      Modify the Baloo configuration

  monitor                     Monitor the file indexer

  indexSize                   Display the disk space used by index

  list                        List database contents

When I add another one or two options everybody will turn their heads in disgust and confusion.

The intention to provide a CLI in git--style is good, but QCommandLineParser doesn't seem to provide this. What can I do to make the help text look better and easier to understand?