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KDE Frameworks 5.44.0 released

10th March 2018. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.44.0.

KDE Frameworks are 78 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  balooctl: Remove checkDb option (bug 380465)
  indexerconfig: Describe some functions
  indexerconfig: Expose canBeSearched function (bug 388656)
  balooctl monitor: Wait for dbus interface
  fileindexerconfig: Introduce canBeSearched() (bug 388656)

Breeze Icons

  remove view-media-playlist from preferences icons
  add 24px media-album-cover icon
  add Babe QML support (22px)
  update handle- icons for kirigami
  add 64px media icons for elisa

Extra CMake Modules

  Define __ANDROID_API__
  Fix readelf command name on x86
  Android toolchain: add ANDROID_COMPILER_PREFIX variable, fix include path for x86 targets, extend search path for NDK dependencies

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Exit in error if the output directory is not empty (bug 390904)


  Save some memory allocations by using the right API
  Export kconf_update with tooling


  Improve KLanguageButton::insertLanguage when no name is passed
  Add icons for KStandardActions Deselect and Replace


  Cleanup m_inotify_wd_to_entry before invalidating Entry pointers (bug 390214)
  kcoreaddons_add_plugin: remove effectless OBJECT_DEPENDS on json file
  Help automoc to find metadata JSON files referenced in the code
  kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json: note the generated file in the build log
  Bump shared-mime-info to 1.3


  Fix the build failure on armhf/aarch64
  Kill QmlObjectIncubationController
  disconnect render() on window change (bug 343576)

KHolidays #

  Allen Winter is now officially the maintainer of KHolidays


  API dox: add note about calling setApplicationDomain after QApp creation


  [KIconLoader] Take into account devicePixelRatio for overlays


  Do not assume layout of msghdr and iovec structure (bug 391367)
  Fix protocol selection in KUrlNavigator
  Change qSort to std::sort
  [KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector] Use KFilePlacesModel::convertedUrl
  [Drop Job] Create proper trash file on linking
  Fix unintentional breadcrumb menu item activation (bug 380287)
  [KFileWidget] Hide places frame and header
  [KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector] Put categories into submenus (bug 389635)
  Make use of the standard KIO test helper header
  Add Ctrl+H to the list of shortcuts for "show/hide hidden files" (bug 390527)
  Add move semantics support to KIO::UDSEntry
  Fix "ambiguous shortcut" issue introduced with D10314
  Stuff the "Couldn't find executable" message box into a queued lambda (bug 385942)
  Improve usability of "Open With" dialog by adding option to filter the application tree
  [KNewFileMenu] KDirNotify::emitFilesAdded after storedPut (bug 388887)
  Fix assert when cancelling the rebuild-ksycoca dialog (bug 389595)
  Fix bug #382437 "Regression in kdialog causes wrong file extension" (bug 382437)
  Faster simplejob start
  Repair copying file to VFAT without warnings
  kio_file: skip error handling for initial perms during file copy
  Allow move semantics to be generated for KFileItem.
  Don't stat(/etc/localtime) between read() and write() copying files (bug 384561)
  remote: don't create entries with empty names
  Add supportedSchemes feature
  Use F11 as the shortcut to toggle the aside preview
  [KFilePlacesModel] Group network shares under "Remote" category


  Show tool button as checked while the menu is shown
  non interactive scroll indicators on mobile
  Fix submenus of actions
  Make it possible to use QQC2.Action
  Make it possible to support exclusive action groups (bug 391144)
  Show the text by the page action tool buttons
  Make it possible for actions to show submenus
  Don't have specific component position in its parent
  Don't trigger SwipeListItem's actions unless they are exposed
  Add an isNull() check before setting wheter QIcon is a mask
  Add FormLayout.qml to kirigami.qrc
  fix swipelistitem colors
  better behavior for headers and footers
  Improve ToolBarApplicationHeader left padding and eliding behavior
  Make sure the navigation buttons don't go under the action
  support for header and footer properties in overlaysheet
  Eliminate unnecessary bottom padding on OverlaySheets (bug 390032)
  Polish ToolBarApplicationHeader appearance
  show a close button on desktop (bug 387815)
  not possible to close the sheet with mousewheel
  Only multiply the icon size if Qt isn't doing it already (bug 390076)
  take global footer into account for handle position
  event compress the creation and destruction of scrollbars
  ScrollView: Make the scrollbar policy public and fix it


  Add vokoscreen to KMoreTools and add it to the "screenrecorder" grouping


  Use QWidget to see if the window is visible

KPackage Framework

  Help automoc to find metadata JSON files referenced in the code


  Clean up old, unreachable code


  Update krunner plugin template


  Add icons for KTextEditor Document-Export, Bookmark-Remove and Formatting Text Upppercase, Lowercase and Capitalize


  Implement releasing of client-freed output
  [server] Properly handle the situation when the DataSource for a drag gets destroyed (bug 389221)
  [server] Don't crash when a subsurface gets commited whose parent surface got destroyed (bug 389231)


  Reset QLocale internals when we have a custom app language
  Do not allow to configure separator actions via context menu
  Don't show context menu menu if right-clicking outside (bug 373653)
  Improve KSwitchLanguageDialogPrivate::fillApplicationLanguages

Oxygen Icons

  add Artikulate icon (bug 317527)
  add folder-games icon (bug 318993)
  fix incorrect 48px icon for calc.template (bug 299504)
  add media-playlist-repeat and shuffle icon (bug 339666)
  Oxygen: add tag icons like in breeze (bug 332210)
  link emblem-mount to media-mount (bug 373654)
  add network icons which are available in breeze-icons (bug 374673)
  sync oxygen with breeze-icons add icons for audio plasmoid
  Add edit-select-none to Oxygen for Krusader (bug 388691)
  Add rating-unrated icon (bug 339863)

Plasma Framework

  use the new value for largeSpacing in Kirigami
  Reduce visibility of PC3 TextField placeholder text
  Don't make Titles 20% transparent either
  [PackageUrlInterceptor] Don't rewrite "inline"
  Don't make Headings 20% transparent, to match Kirigami
  don't put the fullrep in the popup if not collapsed
  Help automoc to find metadata JSON files referenced in the code
  [AppletQuickItem] Preload applet expander only if not already expanded
  other preload microoptimizations
  Set IconItem default to smooth=true
  preload the expander (the dialog) too
  [AppletQuickItem] Fix setting default preload policy if no environment variable is set
  fix RTL appearance for ComboBox (bug https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-66446)
  try to preload certain applets in a smart way
  [Icon Item] Set filtering on FadingNode texture
  Initialize m_actualGroup to NormalColorGroup
  Make sure the FrameSvg and Svg instances have the right devicePixelRatio


  Update links to dependencies, and mark Android as officially supported
  Make DMTX dependency optional
  Add QML support for Prison
  Set minimum size on 1D barcodes as well


  Fix tier, accommodate for KIO


  Fix syntax error in previous commit, detected by launching ruqola
  Show a radiobutton when we are showing an exclusive control (bug 391144)
  implement MenuBarItem
  implement DelayButton
  New component: round button
  take into account toolbar position
  support colors for icons in buttons
  support --reverse
  icons in Menu fully functional
  consistent shadows with the new breeze style
  Some QStyles seem to not return sensible pixelmetrics here
  first rough icons support
  don't wrap around with mouse wheel


  fix a leak and incorrect nullptr check in DADictionary
  [UDisks] Fix auto-mount regression (bug 389479)
  [UDisksDeviceBackend] Avoid multiple lookup
  Mac/IOKit backend: support for drives, discs and volumes


  Use Locale::name() instead of Locale::bcp47Name()
  Find libhunspell build by msvc

Syntax Highlighting

  Basic support for PHP and Python fenced code blocks in Markdown
  Support case-insensitive WordDetect
  Scheme highlighting: Remove hard-coded colors
  Add syntax highlighting for SELinux CIL Policies & File Contexts
  Adding ctp file extension to the PHP syntax highlighting
  Yacc/Bison: Fix the $ symbol and update syntax for Bison
  awk.xml: add gawk extension keywords (bug 389590)
  Add APKBUILD to be highlighted as a Bash file
  Revert "Add APKBUILD to be highlighted as a Bash file"
  Add APKBUILD to be highlighted as a Bash file

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure@xxxxxxx>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure@xxxxxxx, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5