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Re: Code in peace or How to lint a complete repository?

On Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018 10:57:30 CET Michael Heidelbach wrote:
> Hi!
> Now that I saw https://phabricator.kde.org/D10905, I want to do
> something similar for baloo and baloo-widgets.
> I'd really like to that once and for all. Because applying coding style
> on-the-fly obscures real changes introduced.
> 1. Would it be reasonable?
> 2. Who would be willing to review such a huge diff?
> 3. How to apply KDE coding style most effectively?
>       (The astyle command given in Kdelibs Coding Style
>     <https://community.kde.org/Policies/Kdelibs_Coding_Style> does not
>     produce completely correct results:
>          [this](const QUrl &url)  => [this](const QUrl & url)   instead
>     of [this](const QUrl& url)
>     Also the operators-at-beginning-of-line rule is not respected )
> 4. What about arcanist: any ready-made .arclint available?

I would personally suggest someone steps up and ensures that clang-format can 
be used for the KDE coding style. Last time I tried (a couple years ago by 
now), there where some deficiencies still - mostly with Qt-isms. So going 
upstream into clang-format and ensuring it can cope well with these constructs 
would be beneficial to both, KDE and the Qt ecosystem at large.

Once clang-format can be used, it can easily be integrated into most IDEs and 
workflows. At work, we are regularly use it with a coding style checker 
similar to that applied by the Qt project. I additionally setup my Git pre-
commit hooks via [1] and use git-clang-format a lot.

[1]: https://github.com/BelledonneCommunications/ortp/blob/master/.git-pre-commit


Milian Wolff

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