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Re: Falkon in kdereview


>> The incubator process seems to have stalled.  Christoph can you get
>> this moving again? https://community.kde.org/Incubator/Projects/Falkon

yes, that has stalled, I didn't update the page to reflect the current state :/

I did now so.


What IMHO needs to be done is:

1) grant sysadmin backup possibility for the website, e.g. for kate-editor.org I rsync the stuff to some sysadmin given location
2) move mailinglist

For the "Code of Conduct", I am not aware of any issues with that, perhaps that can just be ticked of.

For the licensing, Jonathan, is it ok to remove the TODO there and say "OK"?
Perhaps some link to a mail to an public list would be nice there.


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