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Looking for mentor of Kopete in GSoC-2018

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a mentor for the project "Write tests and Improve protocol support" for the kopete.

I am already working on the project, this SoK and further want to continue the project in GSoC also, but due to the absence of the mentor, it is currently in dilemma. My current mentor in SoK is not going to mentor me in GSoC.

It is a good opportunity for me to take the development of Kopete application forward.

The major task which is going to do in the GSoC-2018 are following:

Can anyone mentor me this GSoC?

Important link to work is done in Kopete during the season of KDE(SoK) are follows:
Link to Project Idea: here
Link to blog: here
Link to weekly Status Reports:
Link to Kopete Repository: here

Himanshu Vishwakarma