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Re: Latte Dock and tangerine font

Jonathan can you please participate at:

for this?

the ubuntu member I think responded there...

2018-02-27 14:52 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Riddell <jr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 27 February 2018 at 09:24, Michail Vourlakos <mvourlakos@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Today I received from RikMills that Latte was rejected from ubuntu because
> it contains an OPL-licensed font (tangerine).
> The discussion is at: https://github.com/psifidotos/Latte-Dock/issues/884
> The font is used just for a label in the configuration window to draw the
> "Latte"  text at the top-left corner. I thought that an alternative could be
> to just screenshot the label in a png and use that one and drop totally the
> tangerine font distrubution through Latte code...
> Do you have any ideas what we can do for this and if this is acceptable for
> OPL?

Font licencing is a bit of a quagmire but I really don't see any issue here.

The font is freely licenced and .ttf can be considered preferred
modifiable form so there's no freedom issue.

He says "Source embeds and uses at runtime a GPL-incompatible
(OPL-Licensed) font; "  but I see no embedding happening, it just
ships the file which doesn't make it a derived work.  Loading a font
file at runtime is done by every GUI program very often, it doesn't
make it a derived work so there's no effect on copyleft licencing

I recommend Ubuntu discuss this with their archive admins to see why
they consider it a derived work.  I am an Ubuntu archive admin and can
take part in that conversation if wanted.  If that doesn't get
anywhere then play a political workaround and just upload it without
the .ttf font, I presume the text where it's used will just fall back
to some other font.  Maybe Latte-dock code can be changed to
explicitly fall back to a generic cursive font if it doesn't find it
but only if there's a desire to go out of the way for incorrectly
applied rules.