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Re: Using Froglogic to test our application

Hi Emmanuel,

On Sat, 17 Feb 2018, Emmanuel Charruau wrote:

We would like to automate gcompris testing.
I found this article
while looking for solutions.
Do you know if it still exists (the article is from 2006) and did you already use it?

The KDE-specific edition announced above got replaced by the standard Squish for Qt edition provided to non-commercial open source projects for free.

I suggest you start out with a trial version


and then let me know whether you consider it worth for permanent usage. I'll take care of a free license.

If you did, what did you test using it?

I'd suggest to automate the most common use cases first. An approach that is semi-standard is the description of tests using human-readable BDD feature files.

Did it find some bugs you would have missed without this tool?

The main goal of regression testing is about a) relieving manual testers from repetitive tasks and b) find issues quicker by running the tests repeatedly and on several platforms. You'll end up with a coverage that is hard - if not impossible - to achieve through manual testing.