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Re: Plasma Vault and BUG:390830

On 24.02.2018 15:27, Nate Graham wrote:
Maybe automatically disable indexing for cryfs and encfs volumes, no matters where they live? Vault allows you to change the default location of your vault, I believe.


On 02/24/2018 01:57 AM, Michael Heidelbach wrote:

The best option to fix this bug is by excluding Vaults from being searched by baloo.

Do that, I need to know how to distinguish vaults from normal folders (and other mountpoints)

On first glance it appears they are all under ~/Vaults, please confirm. What about localization?



It will take several weeks if not months before I am able to do that. I haven't looked very deep into this. Preliminary observerations:

  • Move a mounted vault => Unmounts => Back in ~/Vaults on remount
  • Move mountpoint (unmounted) => Appears in ~/Vaults on mount

As long as the Plasma Vaulters don't change this behaviour, excluding ~/Vaults from indexing is a reasonable quick-fix.