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Need help regarding heading into the Okular Feature: 388450

Hello devs,

I have spent the past three days in heading into this feature request [1] regarding scrolling the annotations along with the scrollbar and I have been finding out how to unfix the position of the annotation window that remains fixed to its position while scrolling the pageview.
I'm trying to get an idea from the annotations that remains glued to the pageview and do scroll with the scrollbar and hence applying the same approach ( and a bit of the similar code too) in order to achieve this on the annotation window.
But now the problem is I'm confused inside the large codebase and I tried to search for the keywords like "mouseMove", "scroll", "fixed"  but without any success in finding the relevant section. 
I also did minor tweaks and changes in order to understand the behavior but until now, I'm nowhere.

I'm still searching but now I doubt my way of fixing a bug. Can you please suggest me how to proceed to fix/implement the bug/feature and how to search the code, inspect the Qt elements and all? What to do now?
I have read 'get started' guide but it doesn't emphasis on my own dilemma.  

‌[1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=388450

Thanks and Regards