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Re: Why does kdelibs4support/src/kio/kfilemetadatawidget still exist?

On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 12:36:53 CET Michael Heidelbach wrote:
> Hi!
> Looking at lxr.kde.org
> <https://lxr.kde.org/ident?_i=KFileMetaDataWidget> it seems like dolphin
> is the only "real" client of KFileMetaDataWidget. Dolphin is not using
> it because of
> #ifndef HAVE_BALOO
>      m_metaDataWidget = new KFileMetaDataWidget(parent);
> #else
>      m_metaDataWidget = new Baloo::FileMetaDataWidget(parent);
> #endif
> (How is a clause like the one above called?)
Well, if Baloo is not compiled, Dolphin uses it.

> So, what might be the reasons for KFileMetaDataWidget's existence in
> kdelibs4support?

Because it was used by some program (at least conditionally in Dolphin) and 
when kdelibs4support was created it was put there, so probably meant to be 
replaced by something else. Now that it's there we can't remove it (binary 
compatibility) until at least KF6 (where we may simply drop kdelibs4support).