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Re: KCM fonts

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 12:20 PM, Max Harmathy <max.harmathy@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Greetings from Munich!
> I have a proposal for adding an easy mode to font configuration kcm module:
> The user should be given a choice of few rendering options presented by a preview image. The image should be generated “on the fly” using a separately selected font family and point size.
> With this we would like to upstream the functionality of a tool we introduced during the LiMux project to make the transition easier for users, who where uses to the heavily hinted font rendering of 90's windows desktops.
> What would be the platform to make the proposal? I have some screenshots of the tool we use in our stable client release and I also want to elaborate on the proposal.
> I also noticed that while the code of the fonts module is quite stable in the master branch there is a kcm-redesign/fonts branch in the plasma-desktop git archive. Where should I start with implementing?
> Max

Hi Max,
The KDE Visual Design Group is working with the Plasma team to revamp
most of the system settings modules. This is the workboard of the

I suggest adding one for fonts (as I don't see one just yet) and add
"abetts" to it, who is the designer who has been leading the
initiative, to discuss what it will look like.

Does that make sense?