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Framework testing

Hi @all,

First of all I like to introduce myself. My name is Marijo I'm 26 years old and from Germany. My programming skills are limited to PHP until now but I would like to contribute to KDE in the near future. So far so good. 

At the moment I work on some frameworks like KIO and baloo-widgets and encountered some problems. My first patch on Phabricator was easy going because it touched Dolphin - a stand alone application as you all know.

I posted my question already on Google+ and Mykola Krachkovsky was so kind to help Mr but unfortunately I didn't get it. He told me something about protocol files but I don't know it this is tackling my problem... I just want to know how can I test these frameworks where I made code adjustments? I can compile them and see if there are any errors but I until now I don't know how can I check if my code ist also working properly. 

To be more precise let's say I am working on the KNewFileMenu from KIO and the MetaDataWidget from baloo-widgets, how does it work to test these? 

I apologize it this is a stupid question but I didn't find an answer on my own.