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Re: Adding application to KDE and getting image of current

Not only android, but for plasma mobile, and there's a lot more than just take a screenshot of the whole application, for example:

Add text over a screenshot or stickers to...
Select a rectangle section instead of the whole screen
If a screenshot of a selected part is text in a image, save it/transform it into simple text
Take a screenshot as a gif
 That's what comes into my mind right now. 

But yes, i agree, if the qtwidgets interface of the app is so minimal it would make not big difference to implement it on qml.

On Feb 3, 2018 3:42 PM, "Luigi Toscano" <luigi.toscano@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Camilo Higuita Rodriguez ha scritto:
> Excuse mentioned jump into the conversation out of the blue.
> Something that would be really cool is to refactor spectacle or ksnip to make
> use of qqc2 with Kirigami pointing to plans mobile too. 
> If that were the case and you feel interested I could jump in and help.

I remember (correct me if I'm wrong) that at the time when Boudhayan wrote
Spectacle, he found out that a QtQuick-based interface was not suitable (I
think for performance reason), but I can't find the reference anymore.

That said, an *additional* qml interface may be useful, but the use case for
screenshotting on a phone are more limited, at least with only a single
application at a time on the screen. I guess that in 99% the integrated
screenshotting feature of Android - for example - is good.