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Re: save and restore the geometry of KMainWindow

El dimarts, 30 de gener de 2018, a les 21:06:02 CET, Alexander Semke va 
> On 30.01.2018 16:38, Milian Wolff wrote:
> > This works for me:
> > https://github.com/KDAB/hotspot/blob/4d1177d1631902dce1dd82f53553e97a7544b
> > 1fa/ src/mainwindow.cpp#L162
> Thanks, that helped. I was using
> restoreGeometry(group.readEntry("geometry").toLatin1()) instead of
> restoreGeometry(group.readEntry("geometry", QByteArray())) ... Hotspot
> is a nice tool by the way :-)
> Why not to add this logic to KMainWindow and to make this automatically
> available for all/many KDE applications?
> The state is already saved and restored there. Why not to do the same
> for the geometry?

I think that it's generally frowned upon putting your position on screen 
because it means "you know too much".

Basically it's supposed to be the window manager task, not your app.

Also i think that may not work on wayland because of the above reason (can 
easily be wrong)