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Re: Baloo is not dead, it just smells a little funny

I would like to be able to help with baloo, but i have no idea where to start
I have over 10 years programming experience, in c#, python, js, but not so much in c++ like you when you first started , I would really appreciate it if you would be able to guide me,
Thank you

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 7:00 PM, Michael Heidelbach <ottwolt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Perfect! Thank you. You made me happy, honestly.

On 31.01.2018 17:53, Ben Cooksley wrote:
On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 5:43 AM, Michael Heidelbach <ottwolt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Michael,

Let me introduce myself first. When I started contributing to KDE with the
beginning of this year this was the status:

No experience in C++ at all
Wtr coding: No experience in collaboration and the technologies involved
No experience in many other things
Good _javascript_ knowledge
Hobby developer

since then:

arcanist hater (that's reciprocal)

That did not keep me from being active: 14 commits this month.

To the point. Baloo:
I think baloo is fantastic! I'm a heavy user of metadata to organize my
media (audio, video, ebooks) and I love how it integrates into the desktop.
As a result I know many of the kinks of the packages involved and want to
improve them. Baloo is in the centre of it.
The "low hanging fruit"-phase will soon be over for me. Very soon I'm going
to really tackle the bear (why is baloo called baloo anyway?). That is
challenging. Time to roll-up my sleeves. BUT! Neither can I nor do I want to
do this alone. Currently there are only 2 (two) regular committers to baloo,
James Smith and me.

Sadly baloo has no maintainer. I would take on that task if were more
experienced, but for now that wouldn't be reasonable and also would issue a
wrong message. I intend do it when I feel ready for it and it still is a

"The bear must live". This is a non-exhaustive list of things I need in the

Reviewers. Many of my submits for baloo have been lingering on for days
without reaction. (OK, I'm impatient. But please don't make poking on
#kde-devel a regular element of my workflow.)
Critique! I want you to look at my code and be harsh with it.
Guidance. Old code, new code, styles, dependencies ... KDE code is like a
jungle to me. In coding I usually learn best by looking how others have done
it, analyze and adapt or adopt. With KDE code that often times doesn't work
out for me.  E.g. I haven't been able to derive rules for string handling
"otto", 'otto', QStringWhatEver("otto") or what? Or CMakeFiles: a horror!
Also testing strategies, very diverse...

There is no critique inherent to this list, not at all. You are helpful!

The list of what I want is not really a list:

@Community Admins: Baloo project page?
I've now created #baloo on Phabricator.
If you would like to use the wiki for more indepth content other than
just a description we can also look into that.

So here's my plea:

If you are an experienced C++-programmer and know the KDE code-base well,
please watch the things the two of us doing for baloo, criticize me, and
first of all: become a reviewer for the requests targeted at baloo or
baloo-widgets, please! Help me keep the pace!

Thank you for reading all this,


Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin