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Re: KWalletManager improvement

On Saturday, January 27, 2018 7:11:16 PM CET Olivier Churlaud wrote:
> Hey,
> I want to improve the kwalletmanager gui so that it can also store other
> passwords (to be more like a KeyPass for instance).
> I see that there are two backend repos: KWallet and KSecret.
> With the KSecret API I could add data as attribute (for instance the
> corresponding login, url, ...) But not with KWallet one.
> Is KWalletManager compatible with KSecret? What backend is there by default
> on a Plasma-Desktop environment?
> Any hints about the way forward?

What you describe sounds like one goal that Valentin originally had for 
KSecrets. So polishing that and making it usable is probably the right way? I 
have no idea what the state of that is though.


Milian Wolff