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Re: save and restore the geometry of KMainWindow

resending this to kde-devel...

On 28.01.2018 18:45, Alexander Semke wrote:

KMainWindow takes care of saving/restoring the state of the main window, menus and toolbars. Also, the size of the main window is correctly stored and restored. However, I don't see how to save and restore the position of the main window. I checked couple of KDE programs like dolphin, konsole, etc. - nothing restores the last window position correctly. I also tried to to do saveGeometry() to KConfigGroup in the destructor and to restoreGeometry() in the constructor but this doesn't seem to work. Is this because of the window manager ignoring the geometry hints as mentioned in http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/application-windows.html#window-geometry ?

Can somebody point to an application doing this correctly?

Thanks and Regards,