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Re: [spectacle] new feature: draw tool / Ksnip

On 25.10.2017 11:43, Cunha, Andre wrote:
> Hi all,
> *Not sure if this is the right mail list to request new features*
> It would be nice to see a feature inside spectacle to draw basic rectangles/circles over an image.
> This feature may not fulfill the main reason to use spectacle, but it would save a lot of time
> avoiding to open an image editor + editing the picture there.


have a look at this program:

- https://www.linux-apps.com/p/1156408/ - Ksnip
- https://github.com/DamirPorobic/ksnip - Source Code, written in Qt

The image editor is the best I have seen so far in an up-to-date Qt screenshot tool.