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Re: UI tests on build.kde.org

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 11:15 PM, Christian David <christian-david@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Christian,

> is it possible to have UI tests on build.kde.org? If not what is the best
> practice to prevent them from being executed?

Yes, the system provides a full graphical environment by default.
We use Xvfb to provide an X server, along with Openbox as the window manager.

(For those curious,
is the script used to prepare the environment and run the tests)

> The reason I asking is the error
> https://build.kde.org/job/Extragear%20kmymoney%20kf5-qt5%20SUSEQt5.9/239/
> testReport/junit/(root)/TestSuite/reports_chart_test/
> more details in
> https://build.kde.org/job/Extragear%20kmymoney%20kf5-qt5%20SUSEQt5.9/239/
> console

Looks like the test has some focus related issues, does it rely on any
plugins which could be popping up a message box or anything along
those lines?

> The tests was reported to work on other computers by two developers.
> Best
> Christian

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin