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Re: Looking for mentor for new KDE developer

On 01/04/2018 07:23 AM, Christian Gerloff wrote:
Hello all,

I've recently ported the unmaintained KDE application "KuickShow" to KDE
5 and plan to at least keep it working in the forseeable future.
In order to get a KDE developer account to maintain the application on
the KDE infrastructure, it was suggested that I first find a mentor in
case I have questions about infrastructure, development workflows,
translations and so on.

Would anyone be willing to do that?


Hi Christian,
Thanks for taking the initiative here! Would you consider using your talents to work on Gwenview instead of KuickShow? Gwenview is similarly unmaintained and in need of a new maintainer, but already using KF5 and more commonly used today. It might be better to standardize on a single image viewer to make sure we can have one really solid offering rather than diluting our limited resources among two that as a result both are crying out for more attention.