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SoK 2018 Project - 'New Season of KDE Website'

Hello everyone,
I'm Mayank Gupta, I successfully completed a project under CCExtractor organisation in Google Summer of Code 2017, I am interested in developing "New Season of KDE webste" under Season of KDE 2018. From @baloneyGeek I got to know KDE Identity uses standard LDAP userdb and also that I'd need to setup dummy server for the same to test KDE identity integration for developed website.

So about the implementation of idea 'New SoK website', when integrating KDE Identity (which uses LDAP db), do the 'Org Admins' belong to different `OrganisationalUnit` on the server? or do they have some different set of attribute(s) which could enable business logic to identify their 'KDE Identity' as 'admin' and different from that of mentors and students?

Also, if possible, could anyone provide with a crude schema of db so that it gets easy to write LDAP queries  in website and also setting up the dummy database, which would indeed ease the process of unplugging the dummy LDAP db and plugging in the real one.

Mayank Gupta