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Re: Default location of the settings file on windows when using KXmlGuiWindow/KMainWindow

El dijous, 7 de desembre de 2017, a les 22:13:21 CET, Alexander Semke va 
> Hi all,
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=387626
> we've got this problem reported and I don't see how to easily fix this.
> LabPlot's MainWindow inherits from KXmlGuiWindow. When saving the auto
> settings in KMainWindow, KSharedConfig::openConfig() is used which uses
> QStandardPaths::GenericConfigLocation for the location:
> https://api.kde.org/frameworks/kconfig/html/classKSharedConfig.html#a3282086
> 49f2e3f0ee895c9b11aa82205
> According to the problem description in this ticket, I assume this is a
> valid request since it makes a lot of sense to me, we have to use
> QStandardPaths::AppDataLocation for the location of the config file. Do
> I need to set here KMainWindow::setAutoSettings() with a KConfig having
> the proper name and location? I'd actually expect this to be done by the
> underlying framework(s)...
> We read the settings in many places via KSharedConfig::openConfig()
> which also defaults to the same rc file under
> QStandardPaths::GenericConfigLocation. For all our custom and
> application specific settings we can of course provide AppDataLocation
> explicitely but this also looks to me like not the most optimal solution
> since we'd need to touch the code at many places. How is this handled in
> other KF5-applications? Can somebody share some best practices here?

You may try the kde windows list if noone answers here.


> Thanks and Regards,
> Alexander