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Re: kdesrc-build setup for building qt5 before plasma

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 11:35:14AM +0100, Stéphane Ancelot wrote:
> Hi,
> using kdesrc-build , I dont manage to compile qt before kde5
> I setted up qtdir in global conf
> and repository kde:qt in module qt5, but it does not help

Hi Stéphane,

You need a fairly recent version of kdesrc-build to have a shot of
building Qt 5 with it.  It's not a supported configuration yet, I have
recommended in the past the use of Qt 5 development packages installed
from your system distribution.

But, I realize we are using more recent versions of Qt 5 and so I have
started on initial support for this in kdesrc-build.

Please try the attached file that contains a Qt5-specific configuration
that you can add to your kdesrc-buildrc (it should be added before any
KF5 or Plasma module-sets to ensure Qt is built first).

NB: There are two configuration changes that need to be made in the
"global" section of the kdesrc-buildrc for it to work, details are
described at the top of the attached file.

 - Michael Pyne
# For this all to work, you also need to add the following line
# to the global section of your kdesrc-buildrc, and make sure to
# uncomment it:
#    git-repository-base qt-git git://code.qt.io/qt/
# also add (to control where Qt is installed too and sourced from)
#    qtdir ~/qt5

module-set qt5-modules
    repository qt-git # As set in git-repository-base
    use-modules qtbase.git qtxmlpatterns.git qtwebsockets.git      \
                qttools.git qtdoc.git qtsvg.git qtdeclarative.git  \
                qtwebchannel.git qtscript.git qtwebview.git        \
                qtquickcontrols.git qtquickcontrols2.git           \
                qtgraphicaleffects.git qtwebengine.git             \
                qtsensors.git qtx11extras.git qtwebkit.git
    branch 5.9   # or "dev", if you wish
    make-options -j5

#   qtdir ~/qt5  # make sure this is set in global
    prefix ~/qt5 # probably redundant but make sure we install to right location
                 # must match qtdir in the global config!
end module-set

options qtbase
    override-build-system qt    # help kdesrc-build avoid confusion with qmake
    configure-flags -silent -nomake examples
end options