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Re: Do not enforce copy and paste restrictions in Okular

El diumenge, 12 de novembre de 2017, a les 13:02:22 CET, Jason A. Donenfeld va 
> Hello,
> KDE is under no legal obligation to distribute source code or software
> that enforces PDF's copy&paste restriction flags. In fact, not even
> Google Drive's Android PDF viewer enforces this. The Okular source
> code calls this, 'DRM'. Put this way, the current situation appears
> even more dubious. It's a shame to watch KDE follow this path, and I'm
> perplexed to see this 'DRM' logic embedded inside free software.
> The attached patch removes these needless restrictions. It works perfectly.

Just read the countless discussions we've had on this topic over the years, 
the current situation allows for almost infinite configuration at all the 
imaginable levels so everyone feels confortable.

I'm not in any interest to discuss this further since you clearly didn't 
bother investigating this at all.


> Thanks,
> Jason