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Re: Do not enforce copy and paste restrictions in Okular

This should be at least configurable with a for-user non-changeable
configuration. It's perfectly okay for homeowners to disable
drm-behaviour, but there might be requirements in an enterprise context
where that behaviour is needed.

Am 12.11.2017 um 05:02 schrieb Jason A. Donenfeld:
> Hello,
> KDE is under no legal obligation to distribute source code or software
> that enforces PDF's copy&paste restriction flags. In fact, not even
> Google Drive's Android PDF viewer enforces this. The Okular source
> code calls this, 'DRM'. Put this way, the current situation appears
> even more dubious. It's a shame to watch KDE follow this path, and I'm
> perplexed to see this 'DRM' logic embedded inside free software.
> The attached patch removes these needless restrictions. It works perfectly.
> Thanks,
> Jason