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Re: [spectacle] new feature: draw tool


>     > Hi all,
>     >
>     > *Not sure if this is the right mail list to request new features*

This wish was already filed here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=268260

>     >
>     > It would be nice to see a feature inside spectacle to draw basic
>     > rectangles/circles over an image.
>     >
>     > This feature may not fulfill the main reason to use spectacle, but it would
>     > save a lot of time avoiding to open an image editor + editing the picture
>     > there.
>     This can be accomplished conveniently already in Spectacle:
>     Export Image -> Kolourpaint, editor window appears, start drawing.

In my view, Kolourpaint and the other tools available in the Export image... menu are just not the
right tools for effective screenshot editing.

>     Embedding drawing tools in Spectacle itself would save a few seconds at most,
>     I can't see how it would be worth the added complexity.

I also don't think that one should embed this feature into Spectacle.

> +1, open image with already exists.
> the point that I feel he's right is that we need a *easy* application to do quick-edditing.

+2. When it comes to screenshot editing, the FLOSS program Greenshot for Windows
(http://getgreenshot.org/) has a built-in image editor that sets a high standard. In my day work on
Windows, I use this regularly. So, I still feel quite handicapped with the Spectacle/Kolourpaint way
of annotating screenshots.

Compared to Kolourpaint et al, in the Greenshot Editor, all elements (rectangles, circles, text
etc.) are separate objects that can be adjusted after having them drawn. You can adjust position,
color, line width etc. There are also special-purpose elements like a yellow text marker or a blurry
rectancle to mask sensitive data.

Three years ago (2014), I thought it would be a good idea to extract the Greenshot editor image
editor features into a separate Linux program that can be used by all kinds of screenshot programs
like Spectacle. To honour the original program and because it was created under the KDE community, I
called it "Kreenshot Editor". It is Qt/C++ based. I wonder though, if Qt/Python would have also been
a better choice when it comes to establish a faster development pace.

I also tried to design this image editor as a resuable component, so that in long-term, one could
show basic drawing features directly for the Spectacle image preview.

At some point I got stuck and my focus was drawn elsewhere. Here is the website and link to the
current source code:

http://feinstaub.github.io/kreenshot-editor/index.htm#!index.md. Including some screenshots :-)