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Re: No good way to play video files located on password-protected Samba shares in KDE Plasma


On Thu, 26 Oct 2017, at 00:47, Nate Graham wrote:
> 5. Port VLC, MPV, MPlayer and other popular non-KDE software to be
> KIO-aware
> - Pros: maintains security and performance; doesn't require changes to
> - Cons: probably a huge amount of work, and it's not unlikely that the 
> developers of those programs would want to do it or accept patches

There used to be a KIO module for VLC here:

It was never finished, therefore never merged. It is not hard to do

> 6. Encourage distros to put %F instead of %U in the desktop files of 
> VLC, MPV, and MPlayer, which makes the files always download locally
> - Pros: maintains security, doesn't require changes to KIO
> - Cons: distros almost certainly won't agree to this do this since other 
> network protocols and passwordless Samba access are supported just fine; 

I doubt this will happen.

Please not also that VLC 3.0 has a kwallet module to store securely the

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