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Re: Latte Dock as kde project and seeking some wisdomness

El diumenge, 22 d’octubre de 2017, a les 19:34:40 CEST, Michail Vourlakos va 
> Hello everyone,
> Latte is in review phase in order to become kde project but this mail is
> not for this.
> I am searching for some wisdom concering QML crashes. Some users reported
> that an update in Arch crashes Latte Dock 0.7.1 even though this wasnt
> happening in the past. The update references plasma 5.11 and qt 5.9.2
> I pushed them in order to provide meaningful backtraces and the users
> reported with the following:
> trace1:
> https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1787385/31838269-052e5a92-b5aa-11e
> 7-9003-939129a70f27.png trace2:
> https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1787385/31841784-09315bbc-b5b9-11e
> 7-81a4-9756bcf76f92.png
> the crash occurs by just hovering the dock. my opinion is that leads to Qt
> and is upstream but I cant be sure, I am not a QML expert.

Try asking the user to get a backtrace with the environment variable 
QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER set, this way you should probably get rid of those ??? 
leading to getActivationProperty and may shed some light on if you're doing 
something wrong on your side.


> if this isnt the correct channel for such questions feel free to correct
> me...
> regards,
> [michail]