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Latte Dock as kde project and seeking some wisdomness

Hello everyone,

Latte is in review phase in order to become kde project but this mail is not for this.
I am searching for some wisdom concering QML crashes. Some users reported that an update in Arch crashes Latte Dock 0.7.1 even though this wasnt happening in the past. The update references plasma 5.11 and qt 5.9.2

I pushed them in order to provide meaningful backtraces and the users reported with the following:

trace1: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1787385/31838269-052e5a92-b5aa-11e7-9003-939129a70f27.png
trace2: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1787385/31841784-09315bbc-b5b9-11e7-81a4-9756bcf76f92.png

the crash occurs by just hovering the dock. my opinion is that leads to Qt and is upstream but I cant be sure, I am not a QML expert.

if this isnt the correct channel for such questions feel free to correct me...