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Re: kdelibs 4 support module name or moduleset name for kdesrc-build

> So far I compiled openssl in the same prefix where I put all development
> stuff, and in that case it's picked up.

let me guess, kdedir & qtdir=/opt/kde (or choose any other path) with
the correct ssl installed there?

>> and unfortunately, that patch is not applied yet:
>> https://phabricator.kde.org/D6665
> Alternatively you can apply the patch, test it, and help have it committed :)

Will do, give me a few weeks so I can do the build of my build /
continuous integration/ etc server for a few projects. At the moment,
I have to finish my laptop today so I put in a workaround, which is
put the cmake-options flags in the global section (thus, all of kde
will build with ossl-1.0.2).