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kdelibs 4 support module name or moduleset name for kdesrc-build


For about a week, I have been trying to compile the latest kde
environment but failing because of kdelibs 4 incompatibilities with
openssl 1.1.0.

I checked out the instructions and all the documentation pertaining to
kdesrc-build to set the appropriate cmake options for kdelibs 4
support in my kdesrc-buildrc file:

module kdelibs4support
end module

Apparently, it is not picked up at configure time:

# kdesrc-build running: 'cmake'
'/usr/src/kdesrc/frameworks/kdelibs4support' '-DBUILD_TESTING=TRUE'
# from directory: /usr/src/kdesrc/build/frameworks/kdelibs4support

-- Found OpenSSL: /usr/lib/libcrypto.so (found version "1.1.0f")

and unfortunately, that patch is not applied yet:


I have tried to figure out by many way the appropriate module name or
other ways to pass my cmake options to the kdelibs4support cmake
process but they are all failing. Is there any ways to fix that up
(either have kdelibs4support compiled with openssl-1.0, patch it
manually via kdesrc-build on my end using the phabricator D6665
patchset or any other solutions)?


Platform for the build: LFS-8.1, BLFS-svn dependencies installed for
plasma-desktop kdevelop calligra kmymoney umbrello and a few others.

/usr/src for the moment is a ramdrive (mount -o mode=0755 -t tmpfs
tmpfs /usr/src) of 16G (half the ram in the system) and kdesrc-build
is set with the global option "remove-after-install all" and finally,
all of the setup is compiling and getting installed in a 16GB ext4
formatted loopback file for later installation with a kernel on a usb
stick to serve as installation medium and backup key for my system.

/dev/loop0          16G    8,7G  6,2G  59% /
udev                16G       0   16G   0% /dev
tmpfs               16G       0   16G   0% /run
tmpfs               16G    2,1G   14G  13% /usr/src