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Elisa runtime errors


I'm not sure if elisa has a mailing list, as I didn't found one.
I'm trying to run it for more than a month, it compiles fines, it installs fine.

org.kde.kcoreaddons: Error loading plugin "kcm_elisa_local_file" "The shared library was not found."
Plugin search paths are ("/home/tcanabrava/Projects/install/lib64/plugins", "/usr/lib/qt/plugins", "/home/tcanabrava/Projects/install/bin")
The environment variable QT_PLUGIN_PATH might be not correctly set
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/MediaServer.qml:388 Type HeaderBar unavailable
qrc:/HeaderBar.qml:138 Type MediaPlayerControl unavailable
qrc:/MediaPlayerControl.qml:260 "Controls2.Slider.live" is not available due to component versioning.