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Fwd: Re: new here, and bug question

Oops ... sorry ... forgot to subscribe before sending ... resending here ... hope that does make for double posting ... sorry
Fred James 

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Subject: Re: new here, and bug question
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 10:21:44 -0400
From: fredjame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: "kde-devel" <kde-devel@xxxxxxx>
Cc: "kde-community" <kde-community@xxxxxxx>, qa-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please pardon the top-posting ... I am including the message to/from kde-community below, as background ... please note the link to a bug listed on Mageia, as it pretty much clarifies what I am referring to.
I am looking for any advice/guidance to squash this bug, even if it is "no longer supported"  ... I don't think something should be dropped in a broken state ... to me, it just doesn't speak well for the future.
Please also forgive the cross posting to a Mageia list ... just trying to keep them in the loop, as that list is where this quest started.
Thank you
Fred James

Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> Hi Fred, welcome!
> On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 6:02 PM,   wrote:
>> I am seeking guidance here, RE: 
>> (1) am I writing to the right list?, If not, where might I turn?
> KDE bugs are on bugs.kde.org. That is a Mageia bug for KDM, which as
> far as I know is no longer supported by the KDE community, although
> our bug-tracker might show the same/similar bug. If so however, you
> would think it would be linked on that Mageia BR.
> I imagine that Mageia has an IRC channel, mail list or forum where
> their bug squashing team discusses things, if such discussion does not
> take place right there in the BR.
>> (2) what might I be able to do to help with this bug?  Or has it already being dealt with, has been dealt with?
>> Thank you in advance for any suggestions/guidance you may be able to offer
>> Regards
>> Fred James
>> Background:  18 years in sysadmin and DBadmin, on small Unix machines (i.e., I am familiar with C and Bourne, but by no means a pro).
>> Unisys and SGI, and a touch of HP and Sun
>> Currently "retired" and running Linux at home (Mageia5 64 bit, KDE4)
> It's tough to say where to go beyond Mageia. KDM is no longer
> developed; SDDM is now preferred.
> This list, KDE-Community, is for discussion of community issues.
> KDE-devel is where general programming issues are dealt with, and then
> there are lists for teams like KDE-Edu, KDEPIM, Frameworks, and lots
> of the applications. See https://www.kde.org/support/mailinglists/ for
> more information.
> All the best,
> Valorie
Please forgive me but do I understand you to say that KDM is total toast?  Please allow me to ask: To brake it and then de-support it ... how does that sound to you?
Fred James