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Failure to build kwin "Could NOT find Qt5FontDatabaseSupport"


I'm trying to compile plasma-workspace on Linux using command:

"kdesrc-build  --include-dependencies plasma-workspace"

The only thing that fails is "kwin" (and plasma-workspace itself). The
exact error
from the log file looks like this:

Could NOT find Qt5FontDatabaseSupport (missing:
Qt5FontDatabaseSupport_LIBRARY Qt5FontDatabaseSupport_INCLUDE_DIR)

I'm using Qt 5.9.1 (git repo). It is also compiled from sources using:

"configure -developer-build -opensource -nomake examples -nomake tests

What could be wrong here?

If I search for Qt5FontDatabaseSupport I get following:

find -name '*Qt5FontDatabaseSupport*'

I'll be glad to provide any additional information.

Best regards
Andrey Voropaev