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Re: Tab handling shortcuts across KDE applications

Hi Daniel,
Yes that would be ideal, but a little more challenging because many KDE apps don't even have keyboard support for jumping directly to specific tabs. You would need to add support to Dolphin and Kate (off the top of my head; probably more) first before we can talk about harmonizing the shortcuts. That should be tracked with another bug.

If you'd like to help, Konsole already has this functionality, but no shortcuts defined by default. That should be a simple matter to implement.

For the time being, I'd like to start with what should be a technically easy task: simply changing the existing default tab changing shortcuts to be consistent.


On 08/16/2017 10:36 AM, Daniel Nicoletti wrote:
Can't we also get Alt+1...9 ? :)

Em 16 de ago de 2017 1:13 PM, "Nate Graham" <pointedstick@xxxxxxxx <mailto:pointedstick@xxxxxxxx>> escreveu:

    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to try to drive a resolution for
    <https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=80657>, which is about
    harmonizing tab handling shortcuts across KDE applications.

    In order to move forward on this, we'll need to discuss what
    shortcuts we should standardize on. In the time since the bug was
    written in 2004, a rough standard has emerged:
    ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab and ctrl+pgup/ctrl+pgdn. This is used across
    all major web browsers as well as all GNOME software.

    If we can agree on that, I'll start working on individual apps to
    get their defaults changed.