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QupZilla vs. Konqueror vs. ???

I expected KHTML's lagging behind web specifications to lead to some kind of
massive change before now. Nevertheless, I'm not appreciative of what seems to
be the current plan.

1-I am in favor of any names that begin with either K or Q, as these naturally
and beautifully identify any application as a good fit to the QT-toolkit-based
KDE environment providing it.

2-"Zilla" IMO has no legitimate place in the name of any web browser that is not
built using a Mozilla browser engine. Mozilla-engined browsers are the only
browsers whose engine development and goals are not driven by pecuniary
mega-corporate interests Google, Microsoft and Apple. Thus QupZilla is a bad
name as long as neither of Mozilla's rendering engines form its heart.

3-Mozilla users have long deserved a reliable, full-featured, QT-toolkit-based
web browser, one not dependent upon being built using GTK. KDE would be a
natural environment for fulfilling that need.

4-Konqueror's KHTML remains the sole current web engine capable of by default
permitting a computer to do with web content what it was designed to do,
automatically compute, and render, object sizes with accuracy. Some years ago,
web standards were inexplicably changed to dispense with this ability with the
stated goal of diverting blame away from browsers for poorly rendering
incompetently constructed web designs. Blink, Edge, Trident and Webkit engines
all complied unconditionally. Mozilla's Gecko engine reserved a proprietary
facility to retain the ability, but otherwise complied. Konqueror, configured to
use KHTML, failed to comply. By so doing, it remains the only web browser able
to automatically, or at all (other than by happenstance), render objects at
accurate physical sizes. To do so KHTML depends only on Xorg, or its equivalent,
such as Wayland, to provide a logical display density that equals physical
display density. Thus, Konqueror using KHTML remains the only current web
browser which unconditionally permits automatic rendering where a displayed inch
measures an inch, a centimeter a centimeter, and a point a point.
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