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Re: Flatpak KDE Nightlies

On giovedì 10 agosto 2017 17:19:12 CEST, Aleix Pol wrote:
On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:17 PM, Elvis Angelaccio
<elvis.angelaccio@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On martedì 8 agosto 2017 18:10:31 CEST, Aleix Pol wrote: ...

Here's an example:

We could also have it point to a branch.

Ideally in a world where this vision is fully implemented we could
have a "BRANCH=Application/17.08" in this file and it would serve the
stable branch of the application and then override it to
"BRANCH=master" for the nightlies, but still maintaining the manifest
files in the repositories.

If it looks too magical, you can see here what this file does:

Thanks! So basically what we need to do is:

1. copy the .json recipe somewhere in the upstream app repo
2. replace that .json recipe with a proper .remoteapp file

That's it?