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Re: Flatpak KDE Nightlies

El dissabte, 5 d’agost de 2017, a les 1:42:09 CEST, Aleix Pol va escriure:
> Hey,
> Just configured to have the server issue a new daily build (at 3am
> UTC, if I cron'ed correctly). Shouldn't be a big strain on the server
> and will be more useful to developers who are trying to make sure that
> their application works.
> Logs can be found here:
> https://distribute.kde.org/flatpak-apps-testing/log-flatpak-kde-applications
> .text

Does Flatpak support the concept of stable/unstable builds? Could we actually 
get the builds from the stable branch instead of from master (afaik that's 
where they come from now) if that is what we want users to use?


> Cheers!
> Aleix