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Re: Need HTML/CSS help for Konqueror's about page

Hi David,

I quickly investigate the code on Firefox.
I guess self-closing div (<div />) might be the cause.
At least it looks working fine on Firefox.

Here's diff:

diff --git a/about.html b/about.html
index 0d5b31a..a793779 100644
--- a/about.html
+++ b/about.html
@@ -20,9 +20,8 @@
   <div id="header">
-    <div id="headerL"/>
-    <div id="headerR"/>
+    <div id="headerL"></div>
+    <div id="headerR">
       <div id="title">
         Konqueror <!-- Konqueror -->
@@ -31,10 +30,11 @@
         Be free. <!-- Be free -->
+  </div>
   <!-- the bar -->
   <div id="bar">
-    <div id="barT"><div id="barTL"/><div id="barTR"/><div id="barTC"/></div>
+    <div id="barT"><div id="barTL"></div><div id="barTR"></div><div id="barTC"></div></div>
     <div id="barL">
       <div id="barR">
         <div id="barCenter" class="bar_text">
@@ -49,12 +49,11 @@
-    <div id="barB"><div id="barBL"/><div id="barBR"/><div id="barBC"/></div>
+    <div id="barB"><div id="barBL"></div><div id="barBR"></div><div id="barBC"></div></div>
   <!-- the main text box -->
-  <div id="box">
-    <div id="boxT"><div id="boxTL"/><div id="boxTR"/><div id="boxTC"/></div>
+  <div id="box"><div id="boxT"><div id="boxTL"></div><div id="boxTR"></div><div id="boxTC"></div></div>
     <div id="boxL">
       <div id="boxR">
         <div id="boxCenter">
@@ -98,10 +97,10 @@
-    <div id="boxB"><div id="boxBL"/><div id="boxBR"/><div id="boxBC"/></div>
+    <div id="boxB"><div id="boxBL"></div><div id="boxBR"></div><div id="boxBC"></div></div>
-  <div id="footer"><div id="footerL"/><div id="footerR"/></div>
+  <div id="footer"><div id="footerL"></div><div id="footerR"></div></div>
 <!-- vim:set sw=2 et nocindent smartindent: -->


On Mon, Jul 10, 2017, 18:12 David Faure <faure@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello there,

I'm porting the Konqueror about page from KHTML to WebEngine,
and it turns out that the same CSS/HTML doesn't render the same in both

In WebEngine (and Firefox, for that matter) it's all squished to the left of
the page.

Can someone with CSS/HTML knowledge send me a modified version of the attached
files so that they render correctly in e.g. Chromium ?
(then it should be fine for konqueror+webengine as well)

You'll have to adjust the paths to the CSS files in the HTML file of course
(and the paths to the icons, but that's not really the issue).

Thanks - please CC me, I don't read kde-devel@ or kde-www@.

David Faure, faure@xxxxxxx, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5