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ANN: hotspot v1.0.0 released, a GUI for Linux perf (report)

Hey all,

I have the pleasure to finally announce the availability of hotspot v1.0.0. 
Hotspot is a GUI for Linux perf. Right now, it's a drop-in replacement for 
(parts of) `perf report`. It aims to be easier to use, but comes with powerful 
features to analyze the profiler data:

- summary view
- bottom-up, top-down and caller/callee aggregations
- tooltips, searching, sorting etc. as expected from an interactive GUI
- integrated flamegraph (probably the most important feature)
- ability to show multiple event metrics side-by-side

The full release announcement contains pretty screenshots:


You can download the release tarball from GitHub:


Thanks, hope you like it. If so, please consider contributing:

Patches: https://github.com/KDAB/hotspot/pulls
Bug Reports: https://github.com/KDAB/hotspot/issues


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