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Re: [kde-devel] Re: kio-stash is in KDE Review

Versioning entirely depends on the project in question.

For a library with API/ABI stability it's important to set the right version and update it on API/ABI changes.

For anything else it's not too important but it's useful to have one
so people can report bugs on a known version, however I'm not sure
there's a good way to do so with a kioslave so maybe you can get away
with not doing it at all.

> Also, I have some confusion about AppStream procedure.
> > Your desktop file should be org.kde.foo.desktop. This is also your desktop-id, so whenver you may need that. It's basically your file name.
> > If you have a D-Bus service ... make sure that your D-Bus service name matches this or change your desktop file to match the service address (whichever seems more appropriate)
> > The name part 'foo' MUST be the name of your binary.
> In my case, I have two binaries - 'filestash.so' and
> 'stashnotifier.so'. I also have a D-Bus service name
> 'org.kde.kio.StashNotifier'. What would be my org.kde.foo name in this
> case?

It's not an application so I don't think it needs to match to a .desktop file, you'll need a <component> AppStream file for it.  I'm not sure what the D-Bus stuff is about I'm afraid.

> Also, as for the screenshot part - my application is not really a GUI
> application as it is an ioslave. Would a screenshot of Dolphin loading
> the stash:/ ioslave do for this purpose?

Yes Dolphin would be fine, it's used by Discover and other package managers when people are offered to install it.

The files in the Git repository are still +x permission, that should be removed.