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Re: [kde-devel] Re: kio-stash is in KDE Review

Minor nitpicks:

1) Tag names should start with v, such as "v1.2.3"
2) You don't actually have to sign the tarball cryptographically, just give sysadmin a SHA2-256 or better hash out-of-band (i.e., through Phabricator which you access over HTTPS).

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On 28 June 2017 at 13:17, Jonathan Riddell <jr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The page was out of date so I made some updates.  Let me know of any unclear or missing information.

You need to remove kio-stash from kdereview in repo-metadata, this will mess up the translations.

You have i18n() used but no Messages.sh to extract the messages.

You need to include a full copy of GPL 2 in a file called COPYING in the top level of the repo.

You should include an AppStream file and add a screenshot to product-screenshots