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Re: Fwd: Waiting for a review

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for taking out time to review my code

On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 4:31 PM, Alexander Semke <alexander.semke@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Rischabh,

I'm not familiar with Qalcuate and its features and syntax. But let me ask a hypothetical question.

If I understand your change correctly, you still use libqalculate for plotting.

Yes, we use libQalculate for plotting

How do you handle the variables?Assume I add a new variable in a qalculate session in Cantor which will be defined in the external process you communicate now via QProcess with. This variable is known within this process only.

Variables are saved using qalc(the command line interface for Qalculate) and   Cantor is aware of the variables that are saved through qalc.

What happens now if you use such a variable in a plot _expression_ (it it's possible at all)?

ATM there is no way to pass a variable saved through qalc to a plot _expression_.
This is a good point and should be taken care of in the future

The same question can be asked for custom functions

Custom functions are all executed using qalc and hence they are all aware of the saved variables

and maybe for some other situations where you have the problem to share the information between the external process and Cantor's process using libqalculate.

 We are making direct use of libQalculate only for plotting, rest all the functions are executed using qalc.

My mentor's health has improved and has  reviewed my code.
Anyway thank you for providing your input. I'll take care of the points you mentioned above



P.S.: BCCing kde-soc-management.

On 24.06.2017 18:11, Rishabh Gupta wrote:

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From: Rishabh Gupta <rishabh9511@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 10:28 PM
Subject: Waiting for a review
To: kde-soc@xxxxxxx


I am Rishabh, working on project Cantor under the guidance of Filipe Saraiva.

I have been working according to the time line and most of what I proposed to do during the first month has been completed.

My blogs   and status report page are up to date with all the recent changes I have made

Few days back my mentor told me that he has got sick  which eventually slowed things down. We communicated through emails  where I kept him informed with what I was doing including the implementation details, but I haven't received any review yet

Before making any more changes I would want my code to be reviewed otherwise the diff will get too large

Thank you,