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Re: Wayland porting notes

> Le 16 juin 2017 à 22:51, Elvis Angelaccio <elvis.angelaccio@xxxxxxx> a écrit :
>> On venerdì 16 giugno 2017 10:07:22 CEST, Olivier Churlaud wrote:
>> Hello, 
>> Here comes the wiki bogeyman. 
>> This page is orphaned so no one will ever find it, except if they think of reading this particular email. Please link the page from a relevant one. 
>> Guides a day howto / development maybe? 
>> I don't know, but to make your great notes useful, they have to be foundable.. 
> Hi Olivier,
> good point. Is it enough to just link it, or should we rather make it a child page of "Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Development"?

I don't really have an opinion on that. If you think it's a relevant how to for everyone, then yes (But only a child of "Guidelines and howtos" as we put all pages at the same level) with a limk to it where it makes sense.

If it' related to one project, put it without the said project.

>> Cheers
>> Olivier 
>> Ps: sorry for the "reply" mess. My phone doesn't behave well with digests :S
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