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Re: Bugzilla maintenance work

On 06/16/2017 02:38 PM, Christoph Feck wrote:
On 16.06.2017 22:28, Nate Graham wrote:
Thank you, Chris.

So I should not mark a bug as CONFIRMED when I or someone else has
simply reproduced it? The most logical meaning to me is that CONFIRMED
means "We've verified that this is a real bug but we don't yet know
what's causing it".

If you can reproduce it, you can add the 'reproducible' keyword, or add a comment, especially if you feel the steps to reproduce are not described in detail.

For example, I tried to reproduce bug 381265 but could not, either because I have a different configuration of KRunner plugins or different Plasma version, or the steps are explained in a way that I did something different.

I would rather set the state to NEEDSINFO, especially because it lacks a backtrace.

FWIW, I can reproduce it 100% with the following exact sequence of keypresses:

= key
F key
2 key

No backtrace is generated, though, either on the console or via drkonqi. What could be up with that?