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Re: Cant build KDE EDU Blinken from source code (Aman Gupta)

Hi Aman,

I was facing the same sort of issue. This is happening as cmake is not able to read the Phonon4Qt5Config.cmake file. To resolve this:

* Install Phonon4qt5 from source to some directory lets say /path/to/dir for this follow the steps:
    Step 1:Clone the repo: git clone https://anongit.kde.org/phonon.git --branch master
    Step 2: mkdir phonon/build
    Step 3: cd phonon/build
    Step 4: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/dir -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/dir -DPHONON_BUILD_PHONON4QT5=ON ..
    Step 5: make
    Step 6: make install

* Set the Phonon4Qt5_DIR to /path/to/dir in cmake for this run the following command.
    export Phonon4Qt5_DIR=/path/to/dir

* run cmake in the same session of the terminal.

Don't just follow these steps try understanding them. There must be a better way and maybe someone will suggest but this will do the trick :) Sorry I was not able to format it correctly.

Vijay Krishnavanshi