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KMyMoney 4.8.0 AqBanking and Gwenhywfar dependency version


I'm trying to package KMyMoney with hbci for openSUSE. Therefore I backported 
the cmake files (aqbanking-config.cmake, ...) to AqBanking 5.1 and gwenhywfar 
4.7 (current versions in suse 42.2 repo). Beside some linker errors in 
konlinetasks_sepa (multiple definition of 
`sepaStoragePlugin::qt_static_metacall) my question is:

Is the dependency on aqbanking 5.5.1 and gwenhywfar 4.13 caused by the need of 
the cmake files or does kmymoney requires some new features in this versions?

Kind regards,

Joachim Langenbach