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Plasmoid C++ QML again ..and again

Back I Am
I have a QML plasmoid
It uses a c++ library as a backend (c++ QML plugin) 
It works fine under plasmoidviewer
When i install it, I can see it in Add Widgets
It won't let itself drag/drop to the desktop
It keeps saying 
Constructing a KPluginInfo object from old style JSON. Please use kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json() for "/home/max/Projects/Projets/TestPlasmoid" instead of kservice_desktop_to_json() in your CMake code
See https://paste.opensuse.org/58733412

Although I do got kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json(${PROJECT_NAME} bookmarkmodule.desktop)
See line 52 of 

There is no documentation on how to do it use it
Tutotial on Techbase contains wrong information.
Informations from various blog says opposite things.
Absolutely nothing on how to specify the .desktop file (what entries are availabel under X-KDE-WHATERVERYOUWANT)...

If anyone has an idea how is it suppose to work....

It took me one afternoon to make good plasmoid under KDE4
It has been several weeks I try to make it work on KF5
You don't like when other contributor contribute to your project do you?