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Requiem for Pure C++ plasmoid, and QML plugin... again :S

I want to make a plasmoid that essentially read an xml of bookmark, displaythem in form of button and execute them once you clikc a button

In Pure c++ it would take me 1 or 2 class maybe

Now with QML I have to

1)Make 1 QMLPlugin in c++

2)Make 1 qml code

3)Make a second QMLPlugin in C++

4)Pass argument from 1) to 2) then back from 2) to 3)

5)Pass information from 2 to 1 to update the Abstract model ....

Currently I am stucked at step 3


If anybody understand why the linker does not find the reference to the Launcher class....

Is there a way to make 100.0% pure c++ plasmoid and totally get the rid out of that Qatastrofic "Modelling" (xD) "Language" (xD^2) ?