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Re: Deploy Weblate/Pootle system for translation

On Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017 17:59:58 CEST Guo Yunhe wrote:


this discussion would be a better fit for kde-i18n-doc@xxxxxxx.

> However, our SVN is stopping people from contributing. Not only techniques
> but also transparency. When here are some disagreement on specific
> translation, usually those who have SVN commit permission can choose the
> option they prefer. Sometimes it is disappointing.

Just want to point out here that disputes are not better dealt with in web 
translation systems. It's like saying, in SVN, if two people disagree, just 
give them both access and the problem will go away.
Just do not solve people problems with technical solutions.

As for the rest ... this topic is coming up every once in a while, so the mail 
archive of kde-i18n-doc@xxxxxxx is full of pro and con arguments. For me it's 
a matter of taste and I did not see a system yet that I like.